It is only when the FULCIONEL belt is worn that the many advantages of this product from CUI can be appreciated.  Hernias come in many shapes and sizes.  Furthermore each hernia changes shape from sitting, standing and lying down positions.

It is therefore essential that the material from which a hernia support product is manufactured can “mould” around a changing hernia shape.  The material must also be comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

Following are the key benefits and advantages of  FULCIONEL  hernia support belts.

  • Snugly holds and effectively supports most hernias.  These can include  parastomal, incisional and prolapsed hernias.
  • Breathable and two-way stretch material property prevents heat build up and helps promote comfort.
  • It is important for hernia support that the top and bottom bands of the support belt hold it securely around the body.  The FULCIONEL belt has anti roll bands BOTH along its top and bottom. This minimises the belt from rolling and slipping whilst worn.  The TWO bands also make it extremely convenient for the belt to be worn by both right and left handed persons.  Only FULCIONEL belt has this feature.
  • FULCIONEL belts come with “easy fasten” gloves.  This design protected feature makes it convenient for a person with limited dexterity in their fingers to fasten and unfasten this belt with great ease.
  • The glove further allows the wearer to very convenientally adjust the required support level.
  • The extremely lightweight glove is a design protected feature of the FULCIONEL belt. It is manufactured in our plant from very fine mercerised cotton

To view a demonstration of how to apply the FULCIONEL belt please click here.
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